Stream Computing

Hadoop Ecosystem helps a multinational automobile manufacturer in rapid soft-prototyping [Case Study]

Customer Background Customer Profile: German multinational automotive manufacturer Country of Deployment: Germany Industry: High-tech. Automobile Manufacturing Challenge The automotive company planned to execute the soft-prototyping of all the automobile models that it produced throughout its globally located factories. A major challenge was designing the simulation…


Outsourcing IoT Development

Like other IT areas, outsourcing in IoT will become a strategic imperative. Companies that capture how to do it successfully will gain strategic advantage Unique challenges Availability of hardware Availability of skill offshore Availability of Physical device (that sensors are measuring) in the offshore office…


Internet of Things (IoT) Development Services

“26 Billion ‘Things’ are expected to connect to the internet by 2020″. More than the total number of people connected to the internet today. IoT is an idea that has been around for a while but its adoption has taken a sharp upward trend recently. Allied…