BizTalk Migration

In this article, we will explain how to migrate or move BizTalk databases from one server to another server. Let’s assume we want to move our BizTalk primary databases from local server to remote server or any other server on the network. The Same method…


Aptos Integration

    TRANSCRIPTION: 0:00:13.759,0:00:20.150 now I’m going to give you a quick walk to how to integrate with applause Aptos 0:00:20.150,0:00:27.310 is the retail platform I have a number of products or order management 0:00:27.310,0:00:34.489 point-of-sale merchandising etc it’s a popular platform but it’s very…


New Features In Logic Apps

In this blog, you will see new logic app designer support and tools in Visual Studio 2017. Download from Cloud Explorer You can browse live logic apps using Cloud Explorer and run History. If you go to Cloud Explorer and Run Logic App, You can…


B2B Integration Guide 2017: A Complete Downloadable B2B Integration & EDI Action Plan

  EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is based on messaging standards that enable B2B integration and communication between businesses. This includes EDI orders and EDI documents such as invoices, purchase orders,  advance ship notices and custom alerts. Additionally, your B2B integration strategy should provide you with tools &... 0