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6 Challenges of Implementing an Enterprise Content Management System

Organizations, small and large alike, are focusing more and more on Enterprise Content Management initiatives to manage content chaos that pervades local drives, file shares, email systems and document stores. Every ECM initiative comes with its own set of challenges. In the following section we are trying to list down 6 such challenges   Challenge […]


Call a CallBack method when asynchronously Call completes in Part IV

In Previous articles, we established a result that one delegate function which wrapped a function to call asynchronously. Now there will be another asynchronous function which calls when asynchronous function completes its execution just like another asynchronous function. In Callback function you can process result or call EndInvoke methods or any other action to perform […]


Call a method asynchronously using AsynWaitHandle in Part III

In Previous article, we discussed asynchronous method using Polling pattern, its asynchronous method using WaitHandle, now. In wait handle pattern the IAsynResult has property AsyncWaitHandle which helps to keep an eye on asynchronous call. In this scenario main thread blocks and waits for signal in the meanwhile other tasks can be seen before calling endInvoke. […]


Call a method asynchronously using Delegate EndInvoke Pattern in Part I

We can call a method asynchronously using delegate. Delegate is an object that can wrapped function asynchronously. Delegate is just like the function pointer in c++. For more information about delegates you can check this Link You can invoke any method asynchronously with a little effort using BeginInvoke and EndInvoke methods of the delegate […]


A simple evaluation of SharePoint Authentication Options

SharePoint has always kept authentication an external subject and SharePoint 2013 is no different. By keeping authentication external and allowing a pluggable interface, SharePoint is able to support a variety of different authentication methods and providers for the following types of authentications: Forms based authentication Claims  (SAML) based authentication Windows authentication There are quite a […]