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BizTalk Control Center

BizTalk Control Center (BCC)

BizTalk Control Center (BCC) is a remote BizTalk monitoring and management application.

BCC can be used to deploy, monitor and administer BizTalk Artifacts.

Have a look at the video BizTalk Control Center (BCC) in 60 seconds.

Easily manage, monitor and administer the following

Type Artifact
Artifacts Send Ports, Receive ports, Orchestrations, Maps and Pipelines
Configuration Host, SSO
Tracking User changes

BizTalk Control Center

Top five reasons to use BizTalk Control Center (BCC)

  • BizTalk artifacts can be monitored, administered and managed remotely.
  • Tracking system enabled the admin to keep track of changes to BizTalk artifacts.
  • Easily manage BizTalk artifact deployment and use the verification system to check successful deployment.
  • SSO module helps the BizTalk admin to edit/create SSO settings on the fly and enables to keep all the configuration information at a central location.
  • Create new hosts and host instances with ease. (Server Admin permissions must be provided)
  • Bonus : You dont have to pay a dime.

BizTalk Control Center (BCC) in 60 seconds



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