Biztalk Map Test Fails with 'Value Cannot be null'

Biztalk Map Test Fails with ‘Value Cannot be null’

Biztalk Map Test Fails with 'Value Cannot be null'I have a biztalk map which uses scripting functoid calling external assembly which is already deployed in GAC.I deployed that map from Visual Studio and been using it without any errors.
Recently i was working with some other assemblies and made some changes in map and deployed all the things from Visual Studio 2010. After that when i test the file it start giving me error inside the Map which is given below.
Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: extension
When i tested the map with the inVS 2010 with the file i’ve been testing after deploying the map, it gives no error. I tried many things redeploying everything like map and assemblies in gac but still testing after deployment failed. It was strange situation. But during whole testing process i didn’t restart VS 2010.
After testing alot i’ve restarted Visual Studio 2010 and tested the map within VS with that file and strangely it start finding errors in the map. So i figured out it stored some old map dll in cache which was deployed in biztalk.

So the solution was to simply restart Visual Studio – it seems that VS must keep a cache of the gac’d dlls.


Hassan Askari