Case Study Interview Questions

Sales people often find it hard to talk to IT people since they seem to speak a different language. We recently ran into this problem with our sales staff and we realized that there needed to be a more structured conversation to extract marketing ready material from IT activities. Below is a list of questions you may want to consider asking an IT consultant when trying to write a case study.

  • What are you working on these days?
  • What are the business problems that led the customer to think of this project?
  • Who are the key people involved? Name/company so as to get to the LinkedIn profile
  • Who are the consumers for this?
    • What function
    • What industry
    • What size of company?
    • Any idea where these people frequently visit?
  • What business benefits did the client derive from this solution?
  • Tell us more about the solution
    • What technology did it use?
    • Some screenshots/demo?
    • Highlight one really cool/sexy feature of the application
    • Anything special about the design/architecture?
    • What are the top challenges you faced in the implementation?
    • Draw a diagram of the overall design
    • Please send any project documentation that we can use.