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Signs you need an Enterprise Application Integration Solution

As the number of systems in organizations grow, keeping a consistent and integrated view of the entire organization is becoming increasingly challenging. The problem seems set to last as the number of vendors and product options grows and these become more and more specialized. If you aren’t sure if you need an integration solution, here are […]

BizTalk Projects

Deployment, Monitoring, Administration Strategy for BizTalk Projects

1     Introduction 1.1   Key Definitions for Acronyms 1.2   Target audience Target audiences for this document are: Teams involved in defining and developing BizTalk Server based solution Teams involved in implementing the BizTalk based Integration Architecture. Teams involved in maintaining the BizTalk Server based solution 2     Solution Deployment Best Practices In order to deploy […]

ESB Framework

Allied ESB Framework

1.       Scope & purpose This document intends to provide an overview of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). It also identifies high-level requirements and then goes on to propose a typical architecture for such an Enterprise Bus. 2.       Introduction Last few years has seen a tremendous growth in business integration. Companies have focused on achieving this integration […]