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News Key Points Policy engine aims to provide security for big data infrastructure Blue Talon policy engine, dynamic data masking, stealthy analytics and auditing Why Hadoop is the obvious choice for managing Big Data Early players, global Hadoop market HP Vertica users put limits on using Hadoop for analytics Predictive modeling, Data visualization “BIG DATA”: […]

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We sat down with Khurram M. Pirzada, Big Data practice lead at Allied Consultants to ask him about the main challenges that developers come across an Apache Cassandra database (and NoSQL databases in general). Here are the major issues, along with their solutions that Pirzada highlighted. 1. Read-time Degradation “Relational databases cannot handle very large […]

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Hadoop MapReduce 5 Tricky Challenges and their solutions

The five key challenges of working in in Hadoop MapReduce are: Lack of data storage and support capabilities Lack of application deployment support Lack of analytical capabilities in database Issues in online processing Privacy and Security challenges Download Your Free Big Data Hadoop Software Requirements Document Here MapReduce defined IBM defines MapReduce as two separate and distinct tasks […]

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Case Studies [Portfolio]

Here are the links to some of the integration and application development projects that Allied Consultants accomplished recently. Allied Consultants is a solution design and implementation firm specializing in the integration of systems, devices, and processes. The article is a brief summary of what we did in each case. We’d be glad to share details if […]

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Hadoop Ecosystem helps a multinational automobile manufacturer in rapid soft-prototyping [Case Study]

Customer Background Customer Profile: German multinational automotive manufacturer Country of Deployment: Germany Industry: High-tech. Automobile Manufacturing Challenge The automotive company planned to execute the soft-prototyping of all the automobile models that it produced throughout its globally located factories. A major challenge was designing the simulation process of the whole manufacturing process of the automobile based […]