Call a method asynchronously using Polling Pattern in Part II

In Previous article we discussed about EndInvoke in asynchronous call. The subject matter of this article is polling pattern in asynchronous call. The IAsynResult object has property IsCompleted that return Boolean which will help us to check whether asynchronous call complete or not. We will add a loop that will always check either IsCompleted become […]


Call a method asynchronously using AsynWaitHandle in Part III

In Previous article, we discussed asynchronous method using Polling pattern, its asynchronous method using WaitHandle, now. In wait handle pattern the IAsynResult has property AsyncWaitHandle which helps to keep an eye on asynchronous call. In this scenario main thread blocks and waits for signal in the meanwhile other tasks can be seen before calling endInvoke. […]


Call a method asynchronously using Delegate EndInvoke Pattern in Part I

We can call a method asynchronously using delegate. Delegate is an object that can wrapped function asynchronously. Delegate is just like the function pointer in c++. For more information about delegates you can check this Link You can invoke any method asynchronously with a little effort using BeginInvoke and EndInvoke methods of the delegate […]

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BizTalk Control Center

BizTalk Control Center (BCC)

BizTalk Control Center (BCC) is a remote BizTalk monitoring and management application. BCC can be used to deploy, monitor and administer BizTalk Artifacts. Have a look at the video BizTalk Control Center (BCC) in 60 seconds. Easily manage, monitor and administer the following Type Artifact Artifacts Send Ports, Receive ports, Orchestrations, Maps and Pipelines Configuration […]