How to be More Productive at work?

How to be More Productive at work?  Time management and organizational skills are referred to overall workplace productivity. Time management is one of the strategies that can be used to enhance one’s productivity. Moreover, applying the work-related strategies such as prioritizing your tasks in order of urgency and importance does wonders.  In this piece of […]


Quality Assurance

Enhance your software quality without losing thrust! Save your valuable resources for new projects by letting us handle your Software Quality Assurance need to ensure the desired user experience. What we offer Allied Consultants specializes in providing comprehensive, unbiased, and independent software quality assurance services to global organizations and product companies. As per our deep […]


Multi Node Kafka Cluster Setup Using Docker

This is a brief guide on a Multi Node Kafka Cluster Setup using Windows Docker: —————————————– Setting Up a Three Node Kafka Cluster —————————————– 1- Start ZooKeeper and Kafka using Docker Compose up command docker-compose up 2- In another terminal window, go to the same directory (kafka-cluster). Before we move on, let’s make sure the services […]

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