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21.9%: Percentage increase this year in the number of U.S. Smartphone users, totaling 73.3 million compared with 60.2 million in 2010.
Source: eMarketer6a00d8341d100453ef0112796f0dce28a4-800wi
February 11, 2011

49.7%: Percentage of CMOs worldwide who will use revenue to measure the value of social media marketing this year, up from 29.1% in 2010.
Source: Bazaarvoice and The CMO Club
February 10, 2011

25%: Percentage of Web users who will complete a registration process when sites require it.
Source: Janrain
February 9, 2011

230%: Increase in Americans’ use of social network since 2007; multiple visits are up 28% compared with 2010.
Source: Simmons New Media
February 4, 2011

93%: Percentage of CMOs who plan on using some form of user-generated content this year to inform product and service decisions.
Source: Bazaarvoice
February 3, 2011

17.6%: Percentage of Facebook fan pages made up of local businesses.
Source: Wedbush
February 1, 2011

8%: Percentage of 66 b2b companies polled that say they have tight alignment between sales and marketing.
Source: Forrester Research
January 31, 2011

13%: Percentage of companies that deliver emails based on preferences at the individual customer level.
Source: Alterian (PDF)
January 28, 2011

70%: Percentage of companies on the 2010 Inc. 500 list that have Facebook pages.
Source: UMass at Dartmouth
January 27, 2011

$12 : CPM drop in b2b aggregated email databases this winter compared with winter 2010.
Source: Worldata
January 26, 2011

44% : Percentage of companies worldwide that have not integrated social media activity with sales.
Source: eMarketer: Social Media Outlook for 2011
January 25, 2011

69% : Percentage of marketers who said that customer acquisition is their top marketing goal this year.
Source: BtoB
January 24, 2011

9% : Percentage of marketing pros who said they did not use email, direct mail, Web sites or social media to create a personalized customer experience.
Source: eMarketer
January 20, 2011

72% : Percentage of companies that said they plan to integrate their customers’ social networking information into their existing CRM data within the next year.
Source: SugarCRM
January 19, 2011

50% : Percentage of people who when viewing a web page search “below the fold,” or articles and information that readers need to scroll down in order to see them.
Source: MarketingSherpa
January 18, 2011

70% : Percentage of midmarket and small business that indicate that they will move at least one business application on the “cloud” in the next 12 months.
Source: MarketBridge
January 14, 2011

20% : Percentage of CMOs at Fortune 1000 companies who cited gaining customers as the reason for using blogs.
Source: Blog2Print
January 13, 2011

42% : Percentage of b2b companies that reported that greater than 75% of sales calls are placed in response to inbound leads generated by Marketing.
Source: The Bridge Group
January 11, 2011

7% : Percentage of growth expected for global IT market in 2011.
Source: Forrester Research
January 10, 2011

22% : Percentage of business execs who said they generally liked watching video more than reading text for reviewing business information.
Source: Forbes Insight
January 7, 2011

36% : Percentage of marketing professionals who said that they have been able to make a conversion from initial connection to sale via social media.
Source: R2integrated (R2i) (PDF)
January 6, 2011

26% : Percentage of respondents who said business managers perceive IT as a cost center.
Source: (PDF)
January 5, 2011

28% : Percentage increase in the amount of time consumers spent with mobile devices in 2010, compared with 22% in 2009.
Source: eMarketer
January 4, 2011

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