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Functions of Logic App

It’s time to check another new function of new logic app.

“Batching” it is handy when you need to go on group massage before processing them. For example, to save transaction cost. You might need a group API cost and send object as an array.

Instead of sending individual request or in some scenarios, when you want to send EDI transactions Or in another scenario where you are sending too many massages, through a downstream system and possibly over running them.

With the help of batching, you can group your massages together in order to send to smaller group of massages to the downstream system. To send batching in the logic app, we have to create two separate logic apps.

  • The first logic app is to set up to receive and collect batch massages, until the release criteria met. Release criteria can be based on massages count, Batch size or schedule.
  • The second logic app is Batch Sender logic app that sends messages to the batch receiver.

Now let’s get start it with the demo.

In this demo we will use HTTP request and response connectors to receive external orders. We need to batch together real time customer order and send them out on batch of three via email.

There is a simple example that shows the batching side of the logic app. Other than HTTP requests and response connectors, we will use the batch action and trigger, compose and Gmail connectors.


Hassan Askari