Information Technology Persona: Decision Maker (Manager, Director, VP)

This post defines the persona that can be used by Information Technology firms who are planing inbound marketing initiatives. It is part of a series of articles on marketing personas used by IT firms. The persona targets decision makers in the enterprise or inmembership_ring IT consulting firms who are managing and/or making decisions in an IT organization (consulting firm or IT department).

  • Title: Manager, Director, VP (small & medium)
  • Main issues:
    • Partner reliability
    • Timely project delivery: IT projects are very bad at timeliness.
    • Budgetary constraints
    • Looking for competent technology people based on the installed base
    • Looking for partners that can help offer the entire stack of technology install base
  • Motivation:
    • Career goals
  • Education: Typically MBAs with Engineering backgrounds
  • Works with:
    • Business users to resolve day to day issues
    • Business decision makers (C level) to deliver business value
  • Daily tasks
    • Make sure applications are running as they should
    • Ensure business user’s issues are being looked at
  • Responsibilities
    • TODO
  • Likes/dislikes about job
    • TODO
  • Frustrations
    • Unresponsive partner
    • Too expensive
    • Incompetent
  • Pressures
  • Concerns
  • Needs
  • Role in buying process
    • Decision / Influence
  • Drivers
  • Typical LinkedIn Search
  • Examples: this, this


Muhammad Omer

Muhammad Omer is the founding partner at Allied Consultants. Areas of interest for him are entreprenuership in organizations, IT Management, Integration and Business Intelligence.