Automate Internal Workflow with Azure Runbooks

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The client had a BizTalk server, in these servers’ clients, want to send and receive some BizTalk ports and BizTalk instances automatically.

In the past, Patagonia’s integration team had to enable or disable the services manually. Later it was decided that this manual maintenance work should be replaced with scheduled jobs that take care of enabling and disabling of the services automatically once the schedule is set manually.


Solution led by Allied Consultant was to, made a component at Azure runbook in PowerShell. RunBook runs in a very specific time and meanwhile executes a code in PowerShell which was written in PowerShell language, connected to the client’s on-premises system through a Hybrid connection. This helped the client’s server to enable or disable the ports.

Use scheduled jobs in the Azure Automation Account. The scheduled job is a piece of code that runs on a scheduled instance of time. A job is composed of a runbook and a Schedule.

The solution works in the following manner:

•  Azure runbook send a request to API app
•  API App then connects to a client on-premises BizTalk server through Hybrid connection
•  A service made in the on-premises server which executes, then perform enable and disable function

In order to enable or disable a logic app or BizTalk Host Instance/Receive Location/Send Port, we have created four runbooks in Azure automation account

1. Start-Artifact-DevStaging
2. Stop-Artifact-DevStaging
3. Start-Artifact-Production
4. Stop-Artifact-Production

This solution provides a mechanism to enable and disable services that are integrated with Dynamics365 online endpoints. To conduct maintenance of Dynamics365 or to deploy patches, Microsoft shuts off online services for a limited period and notifies Patagonia via an email.

Tech Stack

Azure Runbook



Patagonia was able to achieve the following benefits:

• No involvement of manual process
• Automatically enable or disable the ports and instances
• Automation of process
• Time lag shortened
• Business efficiency