Multi-purpose Task Management System

Location: USA

Industry: IT consultancy


They wanted to create an application regarding task management that can be used anywhere by any person in any company in any department (Generic application).

The basic features that needed were:

Multi-tenant (Multi-user) creation.
Usable in any environment, company, and department.
Website and mobile application.
Complete management of tasks.
Usable and accessible anywhere.
Works in all languages.

The application should help users to speed up the feedback process.


Allied consultants created an application so that they can float it on the market. The website and application had the following features:

 Tasks could be created and assigned to anyone on the team
 Tasks can be either individually assigned or assigned as team/group
 Once assigned, tasks used to send reminders to the individual responsible for it
 If not done by the individual, the issue was escalated to the manager and above
 Tasks could be time-bound
 Task status could be changed to ‘canceled’ ‘pending’ ‘completed’ ‘overdue’.
 The manager could also review the latest status of the task
 Tasks included color coding for task prioritization.
 It included Gantt charts for task planning
 It also had discussion boards for timely comments and feedback

This solution could be used by anyone in any company and by any department. The product was also developed with a mobile application so that it could be used anywhere. The mobile application had two views i.e., Calendar view and list view. The calendar view displayed the tasks on the calendar date to keep the progress of time. The application had three users:

 System admin, which used to create and add different companies as admin.
 Company admin, which could add different users to in a workplace
 Company user who mainly represented the teams and to whom tasks were assigned

Tech Stack MVC for web application
Xamarin for Mobile application
MS SQL Server for database
MS Azure for deployment