Porfolio By Allied Consultant

Real Estate| Building ‘Airbnb for Students

Real Estate| Building ‘Airbnb for Students’ Using Laravel & Vue.js Location: USA Industry: Retail Problems The client had several front-end views for the application (in HTML), and wanted to convert those into functional Laravel code. After understanding the vision of the project, we created the back-end platform of HomestayMatch. At this platform, landlords are able […]

Oil & Gas | Migrating SharePoint workflows

Oil & Gas | Migrating SharePoint workflows Location: USA Industry: Oil & Gas Problems Old SharePoint instance is hard to maintain. They used to have a full-time resource but since that’s expensive, they want a consulting work to help them when required rather than have someone full time.The customer had a SharePoint instance that had […]

Power BI in Banking

Power BI in Banking Location: USA Industry: Banking & Finance Problems The bank sought Allied Consultants help to address specific challenges such as: Lack of data centralization within different ERP systems including DCI (Data Center Inc., a core banking software and Q2, a cloud-based digital baking software. Each ERP had its separate database making it difficult […]

Retail | Aptos & Dynamics GP Integration

Retail | Aptos & Dynamics GP Integration Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA Industry: Retail & Wholesale Problems The customer was using multiple systems such as Aptos (Merch, EOM, CRM), Dynamics GP, Salesforce, SharePoint, and Tableau. Each of the systems was critical to the business needs, however, having multiple systems gave birth to some vexing problems such […]

Social networking app based on Steem Blockchain

Social networking app based on Steem Blockchain Industry: Blockchain Problems To build a mobile app (social network) that would essentially piggy-back the fast-growing Steem social blockchain platform. The on-boarding process of this app had to be designed in a way that required the users to sign-up via their Steem profile. Once the users were to […]

Web dev & integration for B2B eCommerce Store

Web dev & integration for B2B eCommerce Store Location: San Francisco, California, USA Industry: Retail Problems Allied Consultants’ scope of work included: Web app development B2B & application integration Support & maintenance of the web application Features We developed features that spanned the whole life-cycle of the portal’s customers. From order management and fulfillment to […]

Alberta Pipes | Integration portal for Oil & Gas company

Alberta Pipes | Integration portal for Oil & Gas company Location: Alberta, Canada Industry: Oil & Gas (OCTG) Problems ATP is an Oil and Gas Pipeline company specializing in piping and pipe related products in Calgary Canada. ATP’s warehouses are outsourced to 3rd Party vendors who manage the inventory and handle shipping. Stock movement from […]

IoT implementation

IT company goes for IoT implementation Industry: Information Technology Location: California The Problem The client was a bit upset not being able to track energy consumption inside the office premises. To track energy consumption, they did it manually. The client wanted a program that could track all the records of energy consumption. That’s where Allied […]

MBTN SOLUTIONS | Web Development

MBTN SOLUTIONS | Web Development Location: Pleasanton, California, United States Industry: Automobile Problems The client was unaware of their inventory status due to which they were unable to track their stock management, they did not have clear visibility of their stock. Also, the client lacked the forecast track. Another problem the client-facing was the “On-Boarding […]