Is good governance good business?

I was watching this video that a friend had shared recently

Got me thinking on whether successful things like this should turned into profit making business models that serve people’s unmet needs (Hassle-free registry or whatever). What would be the effect of, for example, privatizing the land record management? (getting rid of the patvari)? I found out recently, that in Sydney, they’ve privatized part of their police force!!

Why aren’t there tons of SAAS + Call Center ERPs out there to manage these things already? Since it seems like a big problem, in many countries and with customer’s who always have a deep pocket?

And if public services run better when privatized (as for example with telecom), does it mean that greedy people can do a better job of management than those with noble intentions of service of people?


Muhammad Omer

Muhammad Omer is the founding partner at Allied Consultants. Areas of interest for him are entreprenuership in organizations, IT Management, Integration and Business Intelligence.