Ad Management

The solution is an inclusive platform for digital marketing through ad management. It has ability to focus ontargeted audience accurately and produce improved return on investment and generates revenues. It also provides instantaneous analytical reports about campaigns you run to get higher rank on search engines.

  • Formats and Dimensions: Solution is rich enough to display different formats of online advertisement such as text link, images, videos, floating ads and expandable ads etc. Feature has ability to adjust almost every set of dimensions to display respective ads according to different devices such as LCDs, LEDs, computer screens, tab, and mobiles.
  • Ad Optimization: Solution distinguishes ads which generate high revenue by higher clicks and conversion ratios. The feature differentiates healthier and weaker ads and set priority for display to get better return on investment (ROI). Software marked weaker ads for improvement or revision.
  • Ad Targeting: Solution has ability to set restriction for a particular ad to show it to only concerned and targeted audience. Software has fields to help managers to add or remove desired geography, date and time and metric quotas and group by single click only. Solution can set number of impressions to be shown to each visitor in a set time frame.
  • Ad Tracking: Solution provides facility to analyze and monitor paid campaigns through customized dashboard.
  • Create Communities: Solution helps in creating communities on social media to target right audience based on age group, gender, relationship status and geography. Such steps help to show ad to related audience which ultimately results in increased sales and save investment.
  • Competitive Positioning: This feature of solution prevents two ads of an organization to appear on a single page by making restrictions and availing the customized option of Competitive positioning. Managers can put more than one ads in a group and avoid multiple ads appearance by using same tool.
  • Primary and Secondary Zone: Solution helps to show an ad at different zones at different time frames, for example; an ad displays in one zone at premium time, once it reaches its quota the same will displayed to second zone and after to another one.
  • Email Ad Serving: Email marketing is salient feature of online advertisement, the solution has ability to serve all methods of bulk emails such as HTML5, HTML/CSS/JS and Flash. As some servers does not encourage bulk emailing system the solution provides help in emailing images to avoid such restrictions.
  • Mobile Ad Serving: The solution makes an impact on business while advertising both static and video ads on mobiles. One of the features of the solution is flexible dimensions. User can adopt different set of dimensions to show same advertisement on dimension-vary mobile screens.
  • Priority for Frequency: Solution helps in setting weight of priority of a particular advertisement. User can define high priority to any sort of ad to show it more frequently in comparison to low priority ad which displays in less frequency of course.


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