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Asset Management in SharePoint

Manually tracking and managing assets is time consuming and not very scalable; with Allied Consultants Asset management solution, you can free up administrative time and costs that can be assigned to other revenue-producing duties. Asset management solution with SharePoint allows the financial institutes, warehouses and arts galleries and departments to keep track and minimize asset loss and increase the effective utilization of assets. 

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  • Inventory Dashboard: A compact home site that displays all lists and libraries for the user to access the existing information and to maintain lookup relationships between the lists.
  • Real-time Data Tracking: This feature allows tracking of all financial data of an asset, including the costs (purchase, shipping and administrative costs etc), consignment value, date, location and material of assets
  • Asset Inventory Lists: Allows the user to store all details about the inventory items, such as Description, materials, category, ID.
  • Vendors List: This feature stores the details related to all the vendors of the firm and requires no additional configuration
  • Alerts and Notifications: A tool that alerts and notifies the user about asset maintenance, contract renewals, requests and issues.
  • Inventory Status Report: This feature allows the user to use the built-in reporting options i.e. export the report to excel, save to PDF, and supports data manipulation.




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  • Increase revenues by 10% and on average 28% of time in asset creation is decreased
  • Optimal sustainability of long terms asset performance
  • Asset maintenance is optimized and support terms and renewals are tracked
  • Risk minimization by providing central access to potential failure information of assets
  • Decreased downtime of individual assets through assessment, and planning for replacing/ retiring assets