Big Data for Health & Fitness Club

Allied Consultants has developed an industry specific big data framework for health & fitness clubs. The solution is built on top of the Microsoft Big Data reference architecture. The solution integrates LoB (line of business) data with live streaming data and activity tracking gadgets/wearable/sensors. Following are the baseline features of the big data solution for health & fitness clubs.

  • Integrated marketing and advertising
    • Recommends marketing & product messages for customers based on their fitness tracking/movement data
    • Geo-tag affixed to users’ membership cards; the system records permissible information resulting in real-time customer intelligence
    • After making data anonymous , the solution allows third party product/service companies to send promotional offers as per customer profiles
  • Activity Tracking
    • Tracks rides and runs via iPhone, Android or dedicated GPS device and helps fitness clubs to analyze and quantify members’ performance
    • Elapsed time, speed, calorie consumption, heart rate are tracked via an app (e.g. iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, WP7) & uploaded directly to the company’s public cloud for further analysis & sending recommendations
    • Treadmill statistics of each user, such as distance, duration, steps, and calories burned are sent to customer & trainer’s smartphone
    • Automatic diary of customer’s training. Generates daily storyline and maps show where, when, and how much the customer moved
    • Incorporates apps & gadgets into weight loss, wellness and fitness programs for customers by tracking distance, heart rate & kilometer split times
  • Training Management
    • Develops a database of workouts, nutritional data, calorie calculators
    • Identifies best performing customers by matching to baseline performance metrics
    • Recommends 100s of best running, jogging, and training schedules
  • Self-service Scheduling & Accounting
    • Delivers staff and management daily, weekly and monthly summaries of scheduling, billing and payments via desktop or app
    • Allows customers to track class schedules and promotions, and make and cancel appointments
    • Integrated scheduling, retail point-of-sale, payment processing and accounting management
    • Allows trainers to individually see and calculate their total number of customers on their apps and compare it to their paychecks/peers
  • Self-service Payment & Analytics
    • The Auto-pay application lets club/gym customers to sign up who are then billed monthly. The Amount is billed out of their checking accounts, providing recurring revenue
    • Real-time & remote access to profit-and-loss statement to examine retail sales, training services sales and product sales by the trainer
    • Correlation of training program sales with season/weather/expert’s data