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Big Data for Hospitality & Travel Industry


Allied Consultants has developed a proprietary big data framework on top of Microsoft's big data reference architecture. The solution can serve big data needs of hotels, motels, inns, resorts, parks, clubs, restaurants and tourist destinations. The following are the baseline features of the solution.

  • Consumer preference identifier
    • Uses data from CRM and world wide web (including social media data from blog posts, status update, likes and shares) to develop comprehensive account of consumer preferences
    • Customer Sentiment and behavioral analysis
    • Social Media – Consumer Feedback and Interaction analysis
    • Develops sophisticated segmentation schemes  to predict the value of your customer's life-cycle; predict what customers are likely to respond to before investing on a hunch
  • Yield management
    • Predicts different rates to different customers based on near real-time data (obtains data from CRM, booking websites, TripdAdvisor and Yelp)
    • Recommends personalized prices and rooms to guests
    • Delivers user-friendly analytics at multiple levels of decision-makers
  • Revenue management
    • Recommends optimized pricing for airplane seats, hotel rooms & food and beverage spending
    • Integrated pricing & capacity management algorithms fed with data from loyalty cards, LTV (lifetime value), past purchases of ancillary services, and Internet shopping activity
    • Replaces batch mode calculations with real-time revenue optimization calculations
    • Recommendation tool that flashes/recommends new prices for short periods
    • Optimizes revenue generation by connecting disparate data sets originating from restaurant, catering, and meeting space areas
  • Customer Loyalty management
    • Uses information such as channel of the reservation, time of booking, location, information of the guests, preferences of the guests to come-up with future marketing plans
  • Affinity Analysis
    • The feature quantifies how often different destinations are visited individually and together by the same customer
    • Generates metrics to identify which travel plans/itenary are more or less likely to be chosen by the same customer than chance would suggest
    • Feeds critical data to develop programs, campaigns, and plan layouts to leverage the associations and drive additional profits
  • Predictive & Prescriptive analytics
    • Predicts customer value with a broader, more detailed and more complete view of customers’ travel and expenditure habits
    • The feature uses 100s of variables to determine the best price/product combination for the right customer
    • Matches external data to loyalty member profiles to identify & predict customer churn/defection to competitors
    • A sophisticated predictive model analyzes historical transactions and 100s of variables to forecast potential churn across different regions
  • Demand generation & benchmarking
    • The feature uses tourist records, travel information, economic data, demographical and sociographical data, click-stream trends, tourist resorts data etc. to generate demand for most-plausible tour plans and attractions
    • Data such as number of hotel rooms, the age of a property, available amenities, location, tenure and experience of the staff, local demand drivers and density of nearby competition are used to develop seasonal & annual pockmarking efforts
  • Nano-segmentation & lead generation
    • The dashboard hosts high velocity data from variety of sources & integrated with CRM data to develop customer personas at an individual household level
    • Uses multiple data sources from world wide web to predict the type and number of prospective customers that may purchase promotional holiday and meal plans of hotels, resorts and holiday properties
  • Search optimization
    • An optimized search module populates the most relevant and top destinations, tour spots and hotels for travelers, guests and tourists




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  • Improves conversion rate
  • Improves wage cost %
  • Decreases Total Labour Cost %
  • Predict & minimize labor turnover
  • Increases total sales per head
  • Cheaper, faster data processing
  • Optimizing revenue management
  • Improves strike rate for each business segment