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Big Data for Retail

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The solution is part Allied Consulting's Big Data solution stack. It focuses on integration of existing data sets collected by the customers; collecting, ingesting, transforming, storing, and analyzing retail data in real-time for marketing & operations analysis. The following are baseline features of the solution.

  • Integrated Inventory & PoS Dashboard
    • Near-real time tracking of daily stock movement levels spread across multiple warehouses & retail stores, regionally and globally
    • Integrated PoS system provide store sales by location, employee numbers and profitability
  • Shrinkage Analytics
    • Collects data from a retailer's PoS system, ERP system, employee time and attendance software and inventory management systems
    • Integrated feature correlates data from PoS systems and surveillance infrastructure
    • Analytics software combs through data for correlations between register discrepancies and other information
  • Warranty Analytics
    • Predict/anticipate rates of failure for different components; Identification of the drivers or parts
    • Predicts what types of customers buying what types of products are likely to redeem a warranty
  • Shopping basked analysis
    • Data mining algorithms used to identify frequent patterns and co-occurrence relationships
    • Sharing PoS data with trusted suppliers regarding products bought together
    • Time series data analysis  identifies adjacent products that benefit from a sales increase
  • Order Cycle Time
    • Dashboard containing stock cycle data to facilitate inventory planning &/or make order-cycle in line with sales data
    • Order cycle module enables availability of stock cycle data
    • Recommendations for purchase planning &/or make order cycle in line with sales data
  • Recommendation Engine
    • Customer classification based on the locality, product, infrastructure, climate, occasion, etc.
    • Dashboard contains pre-populated consumer segments with similar behavior to target consumers in real time with relevant product offers
  • Real-time Customer Intelligence
    • Micro-segmentation & nano-segmentation of customers (based on the locality, product, acceptability, infrastructure, climate, occasion, etc)
    • Interactive 360 degree view of customers
    • Identification of the most profitable customer segments by cross-sectional analysis of financial data, season patterns and purchase history
    • Contains dashboard that shows average sales per customer or transaction & further drill-down data
    • Data extraction directly off operational systems, such as point of sale, ordering and inventory control
  • DM & data exploration
    • Interactive chart types including scatter plots, heat grids and Geo-maps (information regarding buyers, suppliers, & intermediaries) for particular or high-grossing products




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  • Optimizes SKU
  • Reduces theft & inventory shrinkage
  • Real-time insights into cross-channel customer behavior
  • Increases sell-through rate
  • Increases store & coupon conversion
  • Increases % of returning customers
  • Increases average sales per customer
  • Predicts & improves ROIC* & ROCE*
  • 360 degrees customer intelligence
  • Micro- & nano-segmentation of customers
  • Predicts & optimizes markdown prices