Campaign Management

The solution is capable enough to keep track of intensely and rapidly evolving marketing campaigns. Solution offers better development and execution of digital marketing campaigns while analyzing market trends, reactions and interests of targeted audience.

  • Campaign analysis: Solution analyze all the features of marketing campaigns including email marketing, direct mail, events, Ad campaigns, Social media campaigns and multi-channel campaigns all in a single platform.
  • Audience targeting: Solution offers tools to reach target audiences and convert them as potential client by categorizing geographical, community and interest basis. The efficient features make capable managers to display advertisement to the right audience at right time to market products and services.
  • Individual engagements: Solution understands the pattern of individual engagements as targeting large group is meant to be a flop strategy. Intelligent features targets personals through their preferred channels and build relationships, develop loyalty and long term engagements.
  • Campaign expansion: Solution respects user’s desire to expand campaigns as the result of successful start. For social media, solution helps to create new ads and segment by age, gender, geography etc. It also help organization to low purchase cost of special packages offered by social media.
  • Quality management: Solution systematizes ad quality management, by gauging the combination of keywords and their placements to optimize arrangements of ad group. Under-performing campaigns can be improved or split accordingly.