Connected Car – IoT applications for Transportation

The connected car solution is a group of applications that deal with the scenario of a car connected to the internet. This is usually achieved through GSM, LTE, WiFi or Bluetooth. Devices that connected to the on-board diagnostics port of the car (OBD II ports)  can provide vitals on the car like fuel consumption. Accelerators can provide information about rapid acceleration and deceleration. GPS plugins to these module provide the location of the car. These together form the platform for a major disruption in how users interact  and manage major mobile assets. The main trends of usage include:

  • Usage based insurance : Insurance Premiums based on how and where you drive
  • Car Sharing: Car Pooling and Sharing applications are popping up that use geo-location information to locate cars nearby and the time for pickup.
  • Fuel Optimization: Logistics and short term movement industry is using the technology to reduce fuel and maintenance costs of fleets of vehicles
  • Traffic and Route Optimization
  • Automated Payment of Road Tolls
  • Security: Tracking of the location of cars improves the loss via theft and unauthorized usage.
  • Automated Car Rental: Car rental industry is using the connected car idea to come up with people-less car rental processes
  • Car Entertainment: On board entertainment systems connected to the internet can enable geo-location sensitive services like “alerts on a sale near me” and range of e-commerce services.
  • Fleet Management: Dashboards showing the positioning, health and movement of fleets of vehicles. Companies can expect to save 20-25% in fuel savings alone.

The internet of things for cars estimates to grow by 83% YOY in 2013.