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Contact Sales Website

The solution presents a website that allows companies to directly monetize contact information assets from their sales and marketing organizations. It enables them to quickly roll out a website allowing customers to buy contact information that they are already maintaining. Sites can be customized by country or by industries - allowing you to quickly publish and manage specialized value added contact information


The application has two parts: a back office contact management interface and a web interface for customers.

Contact Management:

The back-office management module lets administrators:

  • Manage customers and accounts: Add, edit, delete new accounts. Choose what information is public/private.
  • Setup and Manage social integration: You can choose to setup LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter integration to get the latest on news on the prospect.
  • Tagging and Categorizing: Administrators can choose to tag contacts and accounts in tag hierarchies. Actions and permissions can be set on tags to segment contact data (e.g. Obsolete vs. Verified).
  • Manage users and subscriptions

Customer Features:

One the application has been setup, data can be published to a public website. The customer facing website allows users to:

  • Buy pre-packaged lists or build customized lists. Customized lists can be static (one time selection) or dynamic (based on a search criterion)
  • Crowd Sourcing: The application supports a point-based contact sharing scheme that allows users to submit or update contact information and get the same in return.
  • Watch Lists and Activity Streams: Subscribers can chose to setup a watch on key accounts/contacts allowing them to receive updates on a centralized dashboard when key events occur on their LinkedIn Profile, Facebook or company website.
  • Smart Agents (based on seniority, technology, relevance): Smart agents allow users to discover and track key contact assets in minute detail. Among other factors this includes a 'seniority' metric that normalizes titles across company size.
  • Integration with LinkedIn: Users can integrate contact profiles with their LinkedIn profiles to view a richer set of information.
  • Integration with popular CRMs: Individual contacts or lists can be readily imported and exported from popular CRMs. Currently supported CRMs include SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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