Corporate Finance Management System

  • The solution helps allocating assets of an organization effectively while ensuring budget compliance; It maintains that the proposed projects create value for the Organization; Puts returns and costs in equilibrium with the risks involved.
  • Asset Lifecycle management: The solution creates and aligns information driven value chain. Provides vendor, customer employee and banking sections and creates a multi-level customizable chart of accounts to organize transactions and align processes. Automates Requisition, Quotation, PO, Purchase Invoice, GRN, SO, Delivery Order & Sales Invoice workflows; maintains asset history. Allows Assessing structural cost and executional cost drivers and correspondingly design value creating processes. Assigns assets to the Value creating processes. Automates the close process. Allows viewing Customer balance details.
  • General Ledger: Maintains General ledger account types to automate financial processing. Consolidated financial statements are made. automates journal processing for recurring and allocation journals, checks and balance are implemented. Balances are automatically synchronized and made available online. Allows creating customizable multi-level chart of accounts; generating receipts, reports ,income statements according to dates. Users can generate and  compare accrual vs cash system reports according to fiscal years, dates.  Check register is maintained. Accounts are tracked. User defined voucher types are made. Allows incorporating or excluding sales tax. Allows tax line mapping for tax preparations. provides a single drill path down to the sub-ledger transactions. what-if analysis feature is run. Analyzing and structuring rollup transactions. Expense reporting and management feature is provided. Writes journal entries for adjustments and records depreciation expenses etc. Integrates with quickbooks and softwares.
  • Financial Analytics: Fetch information from financial statements; define financial ratios and KPI and representing them visually on CFO dashboard. Cost and Profitability analysis is done. Performs internal costs and differentiation analysis. Real time what-if analysis is performed on alternate strategies. Profitability, liquidity and activity ratios are calculated and elicited. Customizable reports statements can be generated through statement wizards.
  • Governance Risk Compliance(GRC):  Automated GRC processing. Gives Risk/Opportunity balancing, provides status of risk exposure and compliance. Access control application, periodic user access reviews, Defining business value and revenue drivers. Scenario analysis and simulations to predict patterns. Sustainability performance management analytics are available.
  • Accounts Payable: Automates the Purchase cycle and allows centrally managing and tracking purchase orders. Customer credit memos are filled. Bill paying, purchasing, invoicing, receive payment procedures are automated. Expense line details are shown, Vendor credit memos are filled.
  • Accounts Receivable: Automates the Sales cycle and Monitors collection processes. Quotes, Invoicing, payments receiving procedures are automated. Credit card authorization is integrated. Calculates DSO, measures liquidity. Double entry bookkeeping for error detection tool. Customer credit memos are filled. Allows recording deposits for customers against accounts. accounts Sales orders. Customer payment history and collection performances are monitored. Accounts receivable turn-over is calculated.
  • Payroll: Payroll setup wizards help setting up payroll and give Direct deposit service. payroll tax service is implemented. Provides Year-end Reconciliation Worksheets for Forms 941, W-2, Federal returns, Withholding tax.
  • Financial planning: Quantifying the amount and calculating costs of resources, creating a budget. Creating a financial plan and financial forecast.  Scenario modeling and rolling forecasts. Performs Vertical linkage analysis. Competitor cost analysis.  Industry structure analysis. Risks and issues are identified. Procedures and roles are assigned. Ledger close calendars are maintained. Scorecards are made.
  • Document Management and Collaboration: The solution also incorporates a sophisticated Document  Management System(CMS) for document storage, sharing, and version control. Discussion groups are made. User accounts are created. Announcements can be made. Discussions thread can be started. Alerts, triggers, auto scheduling, auto-emails are featured.
  • Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting
  • Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2010
  • Intuit Online Payroll Plus
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • SAP Accounting
  • Turbo Cash