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EDI solution for High-tech manufacturing

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EDI integration solution helps B2B firms to communicate, in parallel, with suppliers, customers, warehouses, logistics department, banks and telecommunication providers. Allied Consultant’s broad Allied EDI framework is a set of templates, tools and best practices that accelerate the implementation of EDI projects in a multi-shore implementation scenario. Most of the multinational retail and wholesale brands such as H&M, Apple and Samsung are integrated with their suppliers via X12 EDI using BizTalk Server.


PO (Purchase Order) Generator: POs (purchase orders) and advanced notifications are exchanged between the multinational retail brands and their suppliers.

Acknowledgement dashboard: The client obtains access to a single point of view dashboard, and shows all the acknowledgements sent back and forth in both directions (X12 997s). The dashboard also triggers retries in case of technical and functional failures.

OOTB support for ERP: BizTalk provides OOTB support for ERP connectivity.

Pre-baked capabilities: Schematic support for the X12 version and accelerated path to implementing the sFTP and AS2 protocols.




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  • Reduced transaction costs - at most the cost of EDI is 1/3rd of its paper-based equivalent
  • Shorter business cycle
  • Data security and auditing capability
  • Reduced cost of compliance programs
  • Improved quality assurance
  • Improves production schedule attainment
  • Automates cash-to-cash cycle time