Enterprise Project Management

The Solution provides easy management for projects and  flexible solution for Project Portfolio Management(PPM).  The solution helps throughout the project life cycle from creating a project plan, forging a project team out of a resource  pool through the point of measuring project progress to the final Product acceptance stage. Any organization with diverse projects on the go or in pipeline can benefit from the solution. The Solution features:

  • Design Project Plan and Work break down structure(WBS): The solution helps in collaboratively building requirements and collecting information on time and cost constraints. A rich user interface allows PMs to define a detailed project plan based on this input and to share it with a broader audience. The project stakeholders can provide their input and participate in reviewing and building versions of the project plan. Factors in common and conflicting resources and functional dependencies are highlighted.
  • Manage Project-Team: The solution allows PMs to compare and select employees from an enterprise resource pool based on availability, skill-set, and cost comparisons. The portal shows resource usage, maps resources on grids against task assigned versus hours taken, shows changes in work plan resulting from any possible reallocation of resources to different tasks or slots. Employee workloads are calculated; provides Leveling(intelligently reallocate resources based on constraints and constants) to analyze alternative workable solutions. Employees can be designated to their respective tasks according to the work break-down structure. Auto generated emails are sent to the team, who can view the tasks assigned to them and correspond with the team using the same portal. Employees can start discussions, read TODOs, make and exchange calendar appointments and set reminders.
  • Manage Tasks: Once a task level breakdown is provided, the solution helps track the progress and assignment of tasks. Scheduling tools such as Gantt charts provide graphical overview of the projects schedules. Workflows are designed against the project schedule. Task divisions and assignments can be made. Employee workloads can be measured and compared. The dashboards present Time and task status updates. Standardized timesheet entry and task management processes are in place. The portal provides the ‘Task Inspector’ tool to diagnose and overcome identified issues. Multilevel Undo feature is also incorporated.
  • Manage Documents: Document Management solution provides storing, searching, tracking and processing documents in a centralized and controlled manner. Variety of document formats can be stored and retrieved. Third party plugins are available. Content within the document can be searched in Uploaded documents. Documents can be viewed from within a web browser. Version control store modifications made to documents and allow reverting and roll-back. The solution is designed to support multiple users out of the box. Integrated check-in and locking features allow multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously. Access control for users and user-groups is enabled. Document policies can be implemented for users based on user-levels. Contacts store like active directory. Metadata Support is provided. Auto archiving is enabled. New Document templates can be created. Workflows can be visually created and triggers set. Document validation can be performed. The solution supports inter-organization social media support like Wikis, updates, comments, likes etc. Intra-organization social features are also incorporated.
  • Collaboration: The solution features a collaborative workspace to store, retrieve, and share all project related information. Custom made project site templates can be designed and configured to incorporate project calendars, schedules and lists. The solution also incorporates a sophisticated Content Management System(CMS) for document storage, sharing, and version control. Announcements can be made. Discussions thread can be started.
  • Manage Risks: The solution provides portal to analyze initial risks just before the project baselines are defined. Tasks are categorized as on critical, near critical and non-critical paths. Risks are quantified using probability analysis. The solution offers a what-if analysis feature to run and see the costs in terms of dollars and lost time associated to occurrence of a certain risk. Severity and tolerance levels can be set. Costs and priorities to risks are assigned. Risk triggers are assigned. Watch lists are maintained.
  • Manage Issues: The solution provides an Open/Closed issue tracker. Task based issue log is maintained. Project issue rate for any given time frame can be evaluated. Percentages of total escalated issues, re-opened issues and overdue project issues can be calculated to manage risks. Average overdue time of project issues is calculated. Issue back logs are maintained.
  • Business Intelligence: BI tools can be used to create reports, powerful dashboards and scorecards. Relevant data is collected, categorized, and represented graphically to aid decision making. Metrics can be defined and monitored to analyze any parameter of a given business process. Non-monetary factors can be quantified and their impacts monitored and controlled through forecasting and strategy. Targets can be defined and measured. Customer feedback mechanisms can be initiated.
  • Microsoft Project and Office 365
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Server
  • Microsoft Biztalk server
  • Microsoft SQL server
  • Primavera
  • Microsoft Dynamics 
  • Sage ERP X3


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