Conference (Event) Management System

The Event management system enables event and venue management firms to manage their customer facing web presence. The features enable you to quickly get the venue prepped for new events and adds value by adding enhancing customer experience and reducing the time it takes to ramp up a new event.

The application provides a configurable management interface that lets you setup a customer facing website (like above) for an event with the following features:

  • Login and Registration: Participants of the event can choose to register for participation of an event. The registration process supports paid registrations and is integrated with various payment vendors. It also supports multiple levels of registration (e.g. Gold, Silver). Once registered the users can login to the system to view a richer set of features related to the conference.
  • Mobile Integrated: The system supports both web and mobile interfaces for all the features described above.
  • Sessions: Add a conference Agenda and multiple tracks within it.  The system automatically shows the tracks as menu items and buttons on the mobile interface.
  • Expo Management: If your event is a physical event, the application shows a list of displays including Maps for booth locations. Premier sponsors can be highlighted online. It also provides an option to register premium booth locations.
  • Networking: Since most events are about networking in a community, the system provides features to document organization networking options on the venue. It also supports autoomatic setup and integration of online social media networking spaces on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Online Webcast support: The event can be broadcasted online in real time through your event website. Additional hardware may be required here.
  • Integrations: The system comes integrated with CRM systems like Salesforce, Housing and Hotel booking recruiters, Calendars like Google Calendar and Online meeting spaces like Webex