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Human Resource Management (HRM)

  • Administration: The solution provides a centralized HR portal allowing employees to be administered. The portal supports role based login for employees, managers and administrators. The employee setup also produces an organization model complete with responsibilities and reporting hierarchies.
  • Compensation and Benefits: Employees can log on onto a self-service portal to avail benefits like variable pay, bonus, performance bonus, company car, fixed mobile phone credit, internet, fitness, company restaurant, meal vouchers, eco-cheques, daily allowance, group insurance, hospitalization insurance, work/life benefits, Tax Administration
  • Employee Self-Service: The solution is designed to enable employees to register themselves, fill in personal information, evaluations etc. It also enables Managers to conduct evaluations and provide feedback on their own without having to engage HR. This reduces the burden on already stretched HR staff.
  • Payroll: Including regular payroll, the Solution supports a wide range of tax management capabilities, variable pay plans, including sales commission and piece-rate plans, and a variety of pay frequencies to meet the needs of small and mid sized organizations in the US. The solution also includes integration with other accounting tools like Sage Peachtree.
  • Performance Management: Set collaborative goals, Conduct performance review, Share Results and escalate key issues. openly and collaboratively. Skills and skill development is stored and tracked for each candidate.
  • Recruitment:  Make job templates and publish them on job boards. The resulting CV get automatically added to a CV database where they are cataloged and tagged for shortlisting, interviews. Integration with cloud social platforms like LinkedIn provide unprecidented efficiency in the HRM process.
  • Training: A cut down Learning Management System (LMS) enables employees to register for trainings, view online content, share feedback and test their skills through examination.
  • Attendance and Timesheet: The system enables online time tracking against pre-defined and self-defined projects and tasks. Timesheets can be approved by managers before submission to a back-end ERP.

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