Investment and Construction Management

Specifically designed solution for the estimation of economic efficiency and financial feasibility of the projects with a long-term cycle of the product manufacturing, including construction projects of commercial and residential real estate. Software prepare, analyze and optimize the investment projects of different industries, size and orientation and is convenient to evaluate projects implemented at the operating enterprise. The system allows describing and evaluating efficiency of several investment decisions; constructing aggregated financial plan for operating enterprise, appraising the position of the company, taking into account its investment projects. The solution helps primarily with

  • Investment management: Solution is fully automated investment accounting, performance measurement and investor reporting. A manager can make better, faster more informed decisions through faster execution of investment strategies, increased productivity and analytical capability, reduced reporting cycle times, control risks through compliance monitoring and enhance business intelligence to help increase value, performance and returns to benefit clients and stakeholders.
  • Construction management: Solution offers widely used platform which includes cost accounting, construction estimating, construction project management and document control. Solution helps improving financial profitability and operational efficiency in the construction and property management industries.
  • Track investment: Solution tracks investment performance by analyzing time weighted return, IRR and income yield across varying time periods and property types. Alleviate investment risk, maximize asset value and enable better-informed decision-making with intelligent property and asset performance analytics.
  • Cost estimation: Automate estimating costs, resources & materials and enables to create estimates with maximum accuracy and precision in less time and increase bid-to-win ratio. Solution ensures precise calculations and costs across all aspects like labor, supplies, subcontractor bids, materials, equipment, overheads and profit. Solution have to automate “what if” situation for next level and pricing adjustments as well as conceptual estimating.
  • Analyze finance and operational performance: Slice and dice data across variables in real time to monitor and analyze financial and operational performance metrics at the property, fund and portfolio level.
  • Identify redundant tasks: Solution helps in identifying redundant tasks and function in organization to keep settle employee requirements and keeps it cost effective.
  • Streamline workflows: Solution helps to streamline workflows and improves productivity by automatically sharing project information in various departments, organizational accountability and decision making through instant access to critical and current data.
  • Project schedule tracking: Solution helps to keep an eye on project execution so that potential problems can be identified in time and action can be taken to control the execution of the project. It identify and keeps the project on-track and within budget. Keep on top of projects using scheduling tools – create tasks and sub-tasks, set reminders and dates, attach resources and assign responsibilities.
  • Project budget tracking: Solution is useful to accurately budget the costs of your project. Ability to track spending and forecast future needs as they arise, makes it a worth having solutions. It makes managers to spend more time on project not managing the numbers.
  • Project portfolio management: A centralized portfolio management system helps streamline data collection and analysis by accurately aggregating individual items to create a consolidated portfolio view. The solution tracks existing and projected holdings, leased & owned space, building cost performance data to enable insightful planning and execution. Drill-down capabilities, graphical and geographic dashboards, KPIs and personalized views also help mangers visualize and analyze data to make solid decisions.
  • Project planning: Solution has ability to track staff time on projects estimates real cost on recurring projects. It enables schedule maintenance work for sub-contractors with due dates, priorities, and comments, also coordinate with rental collections through a shared spreadsheet and receive comments regarding the projects.
  • Bidding: Solution provides a faster, automated way to estimate cost. By eliminating redundant data-entry and error-prone processes, helps projects run efficiently from initial estimate to project completion. Solution eliminates complex calculations and manual, repetitive, and routine estimating tasks. An intuitive interface with familiar bid worksheets that make building estimates easy.
  • Analyze property portfolio: Solution is designed to forecast and analyze property and portfolio cash flow projections under varying scenarios.
  • Budget tracking: A perfect solution managing finances; cash flow, expenses and bank accounts with charts and graphs enable to visualize spending month-to-month. Solution helps to track progress, discover ways of savings and improve managing money.