Internet of things (IoT) for Health and Fitness

The solution details the opportunities in IoT for health and fitness companies. Companies in this industry typically offer Gym activities, Aerobics, Sports, family and wellness experiences.

Predictive maintenance of electrical equipment

Using Power measurement (of say a treadmill) the company can identify:

  • Usage patterns for machines during the day/week/month
  • Overall hrs used (to pre-empt maintenance)
  • Identify patterns out of norm (like a broken motor or something of the likes).

Pool Water quality

Monitoring of non-electrical equipment

Could be done using Kinect or additional sensors attached to the machines

Richer customer experience:

  • Richer customer training experiences using Kinect. E.g. system could alert a trainer when a weight lifter is using the wrong posture.
  • Deeper health and cardio profiles of customers through wearable devices.
  • Mobile apps to measure dietary intake and conformance to health plans
  • Better health and fitness plans using Big Data. e.g. monitor if a certain profession with react better to a particular health regime.

Facility power maintenance

  • Turn lights on only when players are in the field/room
  • Look at power consumed per machine and optimize
  • Networked reinfocements, rewards on goals, integration with wearables