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Law (or Legal) Practice Management System

Law PracticeThis solution offers to manage law firm's case and client records, billing and bookkeeping, schedules and appointments, deadlines, computer files and to facilitate any compliance requirements such as with document retention policies or courts' electronic filing systems.

This solution automates the practice and manages the business of law. Comprehensive features simplify, streamline and coordinate the work of attorneys and staff in small and mid-size law firms, corporate legal departments and government law offices. Designed from the ground-up on a unified database, this combines case and matter management as well as time entry, billing and accounting capabilities within a single integrated solution.

  • Westlaw & Caselaw Integration: This solution offers integration with Westlaw, WestlawNext*, Westlaw QuickView+ and with Caselaw.
  • Case and Matter Management: Manage all cases and matter in formations in one place; enter information only once.
  • Document Management: Retrieve documents quickly from database.
  • Document Assembly: Generate and organize documents faster.
  • Email and Electronic File Management: View real-time information using web portal.
  • Appointment, Tasks and Deadline Management: Manage all dates, events, and documents related to a case – in one place.
  • Rules based court docketing and Calendaring: Create your own custom rules or import the applicable court rules for your district.
  • Legal Calendaring Rules: Eliminate the need to key thousands of individual calendar entries manually, saving significant staff time.
  • Record Management: Mitigate legal, regulatory, and compliance risks.
  • Integrated Accounting: Manage your general ledger, A/P, and A/R functions.
  • Time and Expense Tracking: Enter time more easily from a pop-up screen as attorneys are working on billable activities.
  • Invoicing & Billing: Save staff resources and time as you create professional, high-quality bills for print or electronic distribution.

This solution improves efficiency, provides for conflict checking, and enables a law office to not have to search for the physical file each time a client calls with questions, thereby helping to reduce the need for callbacks since the client can get answers on an as needed basis at the time of their inquiry.

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  • Manage all case information in one place
  • Centrally track and manage all interaction
  • Better Customer Insight and Service
  • Savings from paper and paper management
  • Speed and efficiency of back-end transactions
  • Reduced Operation Cost
  • Save staff resources and time
  • Increase departmental productivity with integrated case and matter management.