Learning Management System (LMS)

The web-based solution also known as a Virtual Learning environment (VLE) deals with all the features of learning, supplies and manages content, categorize  and evaluate learning and training objectives, tracks the development of achieving goals, collects and offers data for directing the learning process of organizations. Solution comprehensively distributes knowledge of individuals to big number of learners.

  • Streamline learning process: Solution streamlines online learning mechanism intentionally, modifies specific requirements without coding and complicated processes. Solution offers templates, exercises, quizzes and exams through multimedia and document library.
  • Content transformation: Solution delivers vast variety of technology formats, offers learning content in HTML, text, images, video, audio, Flash, PowerPoint, Word and PDF etc. Users can transform the content based upon volume of material and available technology according to connection speeds.
  • Track assignments: Solution keeps track of assignments of trainings and gauge productivity and development.  Solution automatically tests students to monitor the results.
  • Record keeping: Solution tracks and keeps performance records to calculate value of investment.
  • Security: Solution is secure enough to protect training resources while imposing check on precious data and secret files.
  • User management: Solution manages big number of learners by inclusive search criterion. Solution makes group of learners to easily manage, enroll and edit multiple user data quickly.
  • Social Collaboration: Solution offers social networking of students and employee collaboration platform. Some salient features of solution is to set communities of practice, status updates, live feed views, rating content, blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds etc.
  • Badges and Achievements
  • Assess Exam outcome
  • Inline Assignment Grading
  • Make online tests
  • Alerts on student performance
  • Enterprise Surveys and Course eval
  • Course Themes, structures and templates
  • Online Course enrollment