Maintenance and Repair Management

MRO solutions provide Smart Buildings Systems Integrator, Monitor Budgets, Measure Energy Consumption, Repair and Service Orders, Fire Alarm System Preventative Maintenance & Repair, Water Based Fire Suppression System, Elevator & Escalator Preventative Maintenance, Scalable Enterprise Solution, Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioner, Boiler, Grounds Maintenance, Tree Planting, Trimming & Removal, Electrical & ALL Utility Services. The solution helps primarily with

  • Basic Maintenance Repairs: Solution helps to resolve undoubtedly frustrating maintenance related issues, as organizations have to tend those timely to hold up rental bargain and to keep tenants satisfied. Solution enables organization to perform maintenance only when necessary by arming maintenance teams with sophisticated intelligence, easy-to-use asset dashboards. Tracking pending work requests, alerts and exceptions is a vital role a solution can play for any company.
  • Preventing Maintenance: Solution provides preventive maintenance help to avoid major problems, by scheduling rather than having to drop everything to deal with a problem that occurs later. Items like replacing the air filter in furnaces, oiling and maintaining furnaces, replacing batteries in smoke detectors, or even simply turning on stoves and water faucets in your building are things can be done to make sure proper operations. And further daily routine jobs for rental properties such as landscape maintenance, service to heating and air conditioning systems, periodic inspection of plumbing, electrical items and proper upkeep of wood, roofing & other building components.
  • Track daily maintenance: Solution helps tracking daily maintenance for properties efficiently. A user-friendly workflow employs intuitive dashboards, calendars, and alerts to speed the maintenance process and ensure consistently outstanding service.
  • Invoices: Solution has capability to create invoice for tenants such as bill maintenance costs and payable invoices for vendors. And also calculate payable charges and work order charges automatically.
  • Comprehensive reporting: Solution offers a variety of comprehensive reports to manage maintenance reports such as purchase requisition reports, recurring work order reports, inventory reports and purchase order reports efficiently. Custom reports can be developed as per specific needs and requirements.


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