Manufacturing Software

The solution improves manufacturing efficiency, quality, profit margins, automate input measurements, calculate production outputs. It not only eliminates non-value added processes but also eliminate unplanned downtime and optimize scheduling and resource allocation. It delivers required accuracy for staying ahead of competitors and growing profit margins. Solution synchronizes manufacturing with purchasing, sales and receivables, and accounting. The smarter operation of solution are product packaging, bin and lot tracking, assembly creation, and pick-pack-and-ship processes. Availability of every detail involved in entire manufacturing operation is crucial to the continued growth, success, and profitability. Solution includes modules to monitor, manage, analyze and report on the manufacturing process from end-to-end, giving real-time visibility and control entire manufacturing supply chain. A distinguish feature of complete unimpaired visibility and tracking of the entire manufacturing process from raw material through customer delivery. The solution helps primarily with

  • Bill of materials: The solution defines manufacturing operation such as; work centers, labor, tools, dies, inserts, fixtures, raw materials, packaging, scrap rates, setup times, yield, efficiency, multipliers, auxiliary equipment, etc. The graphical representation displays part numbers and the relationships between packaging, inserted components, secondary operations, tooling requirements, process notes and instructions. Expandable to allow building of an unlimited number of Multi-level bills for component pieces as well as alternate and substitute routings. It also supports the management and scheduling of “pre-operations” such as blending or pre-processing.
  • Labeling and barcoding: The solution offers advanced and flexible labeling capabilities to automate shipping, receiving, scanning, customer specific and general in-house label requirements. Software creates simple text labels to complex 2D barcode, industry compliance labels and have powerful report writing capabilities of crystal reports which create and customized labels to ensure accurate inventory and lot traceability.
  • Production management: Production management software offers easy-to-use production management capabilities designed to meet the needs of progressive make to order and mixed mode manufacturing companies. Solution understands complexity of confront categorization, and is exceptionally flexible and versatile in order to accommodate combinations of make to order, configure to order, engineer to order and make to stock.
  • Manufacturing production: The solution is complemented with a full range of supply chain management, execution and distribution capabilities deliverable in a single platform. Solution includes job and work order management, material requirements planning, lean manufacturing, manufacturing execution system, and master data management to comply all production necessities. Scalable, flexible, configurable solution enables continuous performance initiatives, real-time connectivity, and intuitive business intelligence from the shop floor all the way through to supply-chain partners to provide greater business agility in pursuit of perfect customer service.
  • Manufacturing execution system: Considering modern manufacturing environment a critical component, solution gives real-time visibility into production and factory floor. The solution reduce production errors, decrease part lead time, increase company-wide productivity, improved quality compliance and reduced quality losses, increased production throughout and delivering it to ERP systems world-wide for proactive decision making. Solution track process data parameters such as item numbers, work center details, lot numbers, dates and time of shop floor machine data collection.
  • Manufacturing intelligence: Solution allows managers to monitor critical manufacturing parameters on the plant floor, reduces losses associated with poor shop floor performance immediately and instantly identify production and maintenance issues to avoid horrific results. Solution develops real-time manufacturing intelligence, data acquisition system and integrates with fully loaded manufacturing ERP system. Solution provides visibility of overall enterprise and specific work center performance with drill down capability for product, machine, work center and inventory detail requirements and efficiency. Flexible delivery options allow receive manufacturing intelligence on PCs, smart phone, tablet or other mobile device.
  • Manufacturing monitoring and data collection: Manufacturing monitoring and data collection tools track all aspects of production while parts are being made and applied to orders, automatically updating with schedule details, finished product counts, quality data and much more. Solution provides visibility into fine details of entire manufacturing enterprise and supply chain. Solution improves data accuracy, integrity, access to production information and eliminates redundant data entry and batch interfaces.  Solution provides flexibility to measurement parameters to capture job-specific, much needed and unique statistics.
  • Manufacturing scheduling and planning software: The powerful and flexible manufacturing scheduling and planning system is more than production scheduling as it updates throughout supply chain process. Solution maintains lean inventory level, allows collaborative forecasting and effectively manages resources to fulfill manufacturing demand, on-time delivery, accurate and timely planning, optimized use of available resources, reduced cycle times, minimized inventory costs, maximized plant floor material, integration with order entry and sales modules based on real-time data. Defines all resources and costs required to meet manufacturing demand forecast, sales order, current work orders and converting the data to a production plan. The flexible scheduling module executes the plans and allows real-time adjustments to allow for unplanned events while ensuring optimal output through the enterprise.
  • Preventative maintenance software: The solution provides mandatory tools to employ maintenance program for machines, tools, dies, auxiliary equipment, gages, buildings etc. Solution brings visibility to machine downtime and cost associated service tools to maintain accurate maintenance cost history as hours and MRO inventory are consumed. Preventative, repair, emergency and user-defined work orders supported seamless integration with modules such as Purchasing, Accounting, Labor Reporting and Inventory allows monitoring of all current activity against the equipment.
  • Manufacturing production reporting: Solution enables shop floor with accurate and timely production reports. Managers receive information directly from the shop floor to remain informed of what is produced, reasons of delays in production process and the overall efficiency of machines. They can make business decisions based on actual facts as problems need attention and in some cases catch potential problems before they impact customer deliveries.
  • Work orders: The difference between what is on-order and what is in inventory forms the work order. Timely demand for the procurement of required materials schedules work orders. Automatically generated quote for work orders saves hundreds of man hours weekly for an organization. Solution has abilities to evaluate entire operation, compare sales order demand against current and projected inventory availability. Material requirements and machine capacity requirements automatically adjusted based on work orders.