Purchase Management

With purchasing management solution helps in creating purchase orders through requisitions, requests for quotations and previous purchase orders. It creates a purchase order by specifying the desired vendor and the materials needs to be purchased. Also, the software allows to maintain a balance between stock and requested materials using a guided Economic Order Quantity. The overall benefits of solution are; improved efficiency, cost savings, zero chance of duplicate orders, boost purchasing efficiency, better inventory track and delivery handling. The solution helps primarily with

  • Product catalog: Solution maintains a comprehensive product type based catalog. Interactive solution provides quick and easy search through extensive portfolios, compares products through an instinctive and user friendly interface. It helps product managers to quickly manage large volumes of data and complex pricing rules to respond effectively to changing market conditions.
  • Inventory track: Solution keeps existing inventory track and automatically generates orders when the stock reaches a certain pre-defined level. Managers don’t need to check the pre-set levels manually as it is done for them and thus it prevents inventory levels of critical items from running out.
  • Faster purchasing process: Solution provides visibility needed to place orders at the right time. It simplifies the purchase requisition process, monitor order status, and evaluate purchasing with customized dashboards and reports. With the help of solution one-time created purchase orders can be used indefinitely.
  • Delivery track: The software eliminates confusion sometimes occurs when orders are received. In case a manager places order and another person receives instead, mis-communication can prevent the goods from getting to the relevant department. Entering delivery status into system, matching with the original purchase order and proper documentation avoids any inconvenience.
  • Track of best sellers: This particular solution improves relationships between buyers and sellers. The solution keeps track of the best prices paid for different goods and can generates price based reports to negotiate price and choose best supplier to save money. Purchase requisition process simplifies collaboration with vendors.
  • Request Quotes: Solution helps to make the sales process essentially effortless through email on planned purchases from multiple vendors at once and analyze direct responses.
  • Streamline Purchase Workflow: Many companies need to follow multiple steps to make major purchases. Solution make managers able to add purchase tickets, track approval and check receipt status. Users can also document the purchase order number, prices, vendors, notes etc.
  • Future Purchases: Solution provides help for future purchasing while adding report which shows pending tickets and it also reduce employee-related errors by minimizing the number of steps an organization needs to take for purchasing. Solution customizes work flows to control budget, thresholds purchase order process.
  • Track ticket costs for customer billing: Solution provides help for future purchasing while adding report which shows pending tickets. It also customize work flows to control budget, thresholds purchase order process.