Recruitment Management System (RMS)

    RMS is a standalone Recruitment and Talent management solution. It can also integrate seamlessly with the already running HRMS, and work as a recruitment portal. The solution helps organizing the hiring process for job openings by attracting, gauging and selecting ideal candidates.
  •  Manage Openings: The feature allows new job openings to be created and position details added. Create and customize application forms, pre-employment assessment forms, offer letters. Set role descriptions, requisition and recruitment criterions and filters. Review internal candidate, resume screening, candidate submittal. Prescreened, prequalified candidate listings are made. Gives skill based candidate ranking and comparison feature. Automates the recruitment flows between Hiring Manager(HM), Recruiting Manager(RM) and HR. Email Auto responders are set. Allows to schedule and setup interviews. Shares job postings on social networks and recruitment forums, Captures and manages resumes.  Match resume to active open jobs. Candidate reports and comparisons. Archive candidates. Identify critical roles to find qualified talent. Intelligent job postings and customizable landing pages. Skills and employee assessments to identify possible successors. 
  • Enhance Candidate Experience: Creates an open talent community and career site optimization to engage candidates.  Employs recruitment mediums (Search engines, social networks, mobiles)and Publishes interactive content to engage prospect candidates. 
  • Candidate Portal: The feature provides a single point-of-contact to coordinate all recruitment and hiring processes. This involves Profiling, rating & grading and monitoring candidates for open job postings. The system Employs a 3 Tier screening process, and supports contract negotiations and regulatory compliance
  • Recruiter Analytics: Calculate and monitor metrics such as new hire failure rate, Turnover of new hires, and provides talent opportunity forecasting. Recruiting campaign results and stats are displayed on the Recruitment Manager dashboard for easy viewing. Candidates can be rated, assessed and compared based on their skills and profiles.