Real Estate Sales and Marketing

Imagine a solution that learns and makes intelligent decisions to capture leads on external web sites, (not just your own) to route leads to agents based on region. Solution helps to manage leads, build lasting customer relationships and convert more prospects to purchasers. It automates tracked lead routing in one place to stay on top of deals and build stronger & faster relationships with potential customers. Automatically gather and route leads that come from websites, spreadsheets, lead providers and simply enter the leads manually. The solution helps primarily with

  • Lead management: With the help of solution never lose lead and manage all of them effortlessly, capture, distribute and track from web pages, model home kiosks, iPads, and other tablets, as well as from leading online directories. Instant notification is sent to the assigned sales agent to engage, nurture and close more sales and build the relationship with fast, personal follow-up. The agent’s ‘dashboard’ is designed uniquely for real estate selling, displaying new leads by project, prospects by rating category and auto alerts that prompt today and future activities.
  • Convert prospects: Scheduled follow-up is important than gaining edge to build solid relationships. Solution helps schedule systematic follow-up processes to prompt activities through automatic alerts. Nurturing over a longer period can be obtained through built-in email marketing to schedule and deliver targeted campaigns. Contact history and responsive notes gives ready reference to sales teams to convert prospect into close deals while using a solution accessible from Mobile on Androids or iDevices.
  • Email marketing: Solution is built to easily create and send professional mass mail campaigns to potential home buyers and realtors without spending on external bulk email services. Email campaigns using criteria such as sales rating, source type, or last visit. Then customize a variety of industry-specific templates to convey your message of project identity, home features, plan types and much more. Monitoring the success of each campaign is easy with real-time reporting on open rates, click-throughs, and forwards; effortlessly resend to all those that did not view your prior mailing.
  • Relator Communication: Since external realtors and brokers are instrumental for a community’s sales success. They potentially play a significant role as the connectors between home buyers and new residential projects and communities. It’s crucial that you maintain the same level of communication with them as you would your prospects and purchasers. Solution allows to track and manage brokers and alert them for upcoming project launches, presentations, open houses, and community events.
  • Purchaser tracking: Solution prepares purchaser activities, broker assignments, deposits, dues, escrow amounts, and payment information. It decreases dependency on spreadsheet, reduce errors, and save time by accessing CRM database to view and track deal activity, inventory, pricing, contracts, digital storage of floor plans, images, contracts and amendments.
  • Reporting: Solution shows sales activity, purchaser and financial reports. The reports are downloadable to Excel for data sharing and presentations. Solution design and develop custom reports to fulfill the unique operating requirement of builders, developers, and sales agencies. Solution supports industry standards, such as CSV and XML, to easy export of data for external reporting or integration requirements.
  • Social media campaign: Solution updates to various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and blogger to keep social media efforts consistent and strengthen presence on social media.


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