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School Management System

smsThe software is a comprehensive solution for any kind of educational institution. The solution has user friendly interface and is secure enough to protect confidential information of students and staff. The solution has fabricates a hierarchy of features, in addition with  mandatory administrative requirements of institutes, e.g. student/staff profiles, admissions, students identity card printing, fee and result management, attendance, timetables, email/SMS, payrolls and inventory management etc.

  • Student profile: The solution helps to set profiles of both students and staff of an institution. System keeps record of students information, photos, grades, guardians/parents' contact details, extra-curricular activities, and other mandatory reports.
  • Teachers Profile: Solution has ability to secure records of teacher's particulars contact number and addresses etc. Solution helps teachers to check weekly schedules, assigned number of lessons.
  • Access for Parents: Online solution gives access to parents to view progress visible in parents’ portal. They can have a glance over attendance and homework of children and also keep check of progress and mid-term/term exams results.
  • Attendance track: Solution helps to keep track of attendance of students and staff. Thumb impression devices can be installed with system to check time-in and time-out. Such attendance records kept integrated with to prepare results and grading system times.
  • Gradebook: The solution has feature to create gradebook for the ease of teachers to mark grades accordingly while calculating percentages of each quiz, test or assignments which ultimately helps in preparing final results.
  • Report Cards and Transcripts: Solution is flexible enough to set grading criteria at different percentages. Management can format and create custom report cards & transcripts and print in PDF format. User can easily and effectively add previous data to create such transcript and result cards.
  • Homework: Solution help teachers to create homework assignments with due dates quickly and share to students and parents portals.
  • Timetables: Solution helps and make ease in tough ask of scheduling classes. Such timetable can be shared with staff, teachers and parents on their relevant portals and print to display on notice boards. Teachers also get facility to settle the conflict in their periods.
  • Admissions: Solution handles ‘admissions’ the most important thing for any institute, efficiently. It manages enquires, prospective, application process and enrollment of candidates to their respective departments.
  • Fee tracking & payrolls: Solution takes care of financial stuff like fee tracking for pays for the staff. Also shows outstanding amounts of students and loans & installments for staff. Solution helps accounts department to manage the regular expenses as well.
  • Messages and emails: Solution makes communication easy via bulk emails and short message services, to inform any news such as dates of seminars, convocation, exams, results and holidays etc.
  • Inventory management: Solution keeps record of all properties of institution to check damages, losses and theft.
  • Library management: Solution is featured with the tool for managing library. It keeps track of books and documents while allotting reference numbers and feed data of issued and reimbursed items. The solution automatically generates alters for the items exceeds expiry date of reimbursement.
  • Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM): Solution makes arrangement for interactions of teachers with parents to discuss progress and reports of students. Solution schedule such events, create invitations and email parents and teachers.
  • Teacher Assessment and evaluation: Solution helps management to evaluate and assess progress of teachers. Solution produces analytical report of a group or class based on current and previous results. Such comparisons helps to evaluate the performance of teachers.
  • Donation management: Solution keeps details of donors, track of the donation amount and generate reports for future reference. It further helps to allocate donation amount to students based on the their progress.

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