Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Solution is recommended for Search Engine Optimization, provides guidance and tools to get higher ranks on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. Also it helps to overcome competitors in pretty good fashion. The user-friendly, web-based solution is available online and does not require any installations. The solution help primilary with

  • Keyword rankings: Solution facilitates users to observe keyword rankings of multiples search engines.  It also helps to set up strategies and analyze prospects to get high ranked keywords.
  • Link building: Solution matures link building strategies to overcome competitors while producing new links.  It generate inbound link partners from leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so. Solution consolidates efforts of getting higher rank by establishing backlink to high ranked sites listed in directories like Yahoo which undoubtedly increase Page Rank on Google and Alexa.  It inserts website details in link exchange site accurately, indicates damaged and removed link from link partners and get whole website indexed on leading search engines.
  • Search Engine Submission: Solution submits URL and traces manual submissions on Search Engines, saves time and efforts. Users can submits full site or some individual pages comfortably. Another feature is generating submission report for client’s ready reference, it eliminates need of any other application to do so. Solution also check the submission to avoid any chances of failure. Also keeps check on manual submission to some search engines and directories which denies automatic submission.
  • Keyword Analysis & Research: Solution helps to get powerful keyword density, importance and number to get high ranking without being penalized by black hat technique. Solution has ability to set criteria to set keywords in Meta Tags, Alt Tags and main body content. This exercise helps to find out the high or low density of keywords in content. Solution get ability to highlight powerful keywords in different sections throughout the page.
  • Customized reports: Solution prepares customized reports such as top ten optimization report and ranking report in different formats such as Word, Excel and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Solution offers comprehensive and detailed rank history and creates reports by URLs, keywords and search engines to present a ready reference for clients. Such reports can be emailed and print company name and logo. Reports contains detailed analysis of website as well as reveals current position of real time competitors. Solution generates reports to find out rank differences of selected keywords and show graphically for self-explanatory comparisons.
  • Multi Project management: Solution is capable enough to manage multiple projects and campaigns under one umbrella. It reveals the story of what is done and where affective measures needs to be taken to get desired results.
  • Technical auditing: The facility enable users to audit project while analyzing websites each day and suggest recommendations and alerts to make amendments in required areas such as link building or placing accurate density of powerful keywords in a article.
  • Competitive analysis: The solution is all set for competitive analysis of websites against competitors and top 10 sites as it helps to identify keyword patterns and placements. It also make direct comparison with competitor’s website. It provides insights to make mandatory measures and suitable keywords positioning followed by comprehensive competitive reports.