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SharePoint Business Integration Solution

The changing business demands have led businesses towards the synergy of enterprise applications such as SharePoint and SAP. The powerful features of both systems are leveraged by the integration between SAP and SharePoint.

Allied Consultants allows the organizations to achieve effective business information management through the collaborative and complementary strengths of SharePoint and SAP applications. It is combined with strong, proven power in delivering SP and SAP services, helping the client extract optimal functionality from the technology and yet maintain focus on their core business needs.

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  • Unified Interface: This feature provides a unified interface for business data management and collaboration with vendors, clients, and other in-house managers. The UI is extended to email customers, cell phones, and browsers. The improved environment of information exchange leads to significant rise in productivity and quality

  • Collaboration Portal: This feature allows the user to comment, collaborate, or discuss artifacts directly retrieved from the organization’s document system.
  • Notification and Alerts: A tool that tracks quality issues, delivers a simple UI to send notifications. It triggers the required workflows to track the resolution of these quality issues.
  • CRM integrator: A tool that enables the users to get a real-time 360° view on their customer via different channels (including communities and forums).
  • Search Portal: A tool that allows optimal data extraction from the line of business apps and enterprise systems




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  • Increases lead-to-sales ratio through direct collaboration between sales and marketing teams
  • Reduces the support costs for customer services
  • Increases Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Improved team collaboration
  • Increased organizational productivity
  • Content integrity
  • Efficient metadata management