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SharePoint Business Intelligence Solution

Allied Consultants Business Intelligence (BI) tools and apps enable IT firms/ departments to adopt an agile approach and operate efficiently through optimization of process, technology and people. Analytics are delivered, along with improvement in organization’s agility towards clients in an internet-facing deployment.

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  • Built-in BI Engine: This feature is completely integrated with Microsoft Excel and allows instant analysis of millions of rows.
  • Information Analytics: This feature allows the user to collate and analyze vast stores of data (transactional and operational), and organizes the information into meaningful, consumable and actionable user-friendly reports.
  • Report Center: This feature provides the user with a central location for BI-related information, containing special document libraries to store lists, connections, and reports to external data sources.
  • Business Analytics: This feature enables the users to implement new analytics types, including PowerPivot workbooks and PerformancePoint dashboards
  • Power View Visualizer: A tool that enables users to visualize modeled data and interact with it by use of highly interactive animations, visualizations, and smart querying. Rich storyboard presentation capabilities enable users to share insights with other. through rich storyboard presentation capabilities.
  • Filter Enhancements & Filter Search: The UI has been enhanced to allow users to easily view and manage filters including giving users the ability to search for items within filters without having to navigate through the tree.
  • BI Center: This feature allows the users to use the libraries and folders easily with a cleaner BI center interface. It also enables the user to access reports, dashboards, scorecards, and data connections.




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  • Low rollout and operating costs
  • Minimal technical management following the setup
  • High performance due to powerful analytics
  • Value-added information technology
  • Higher scalability supporting advanced analysis and reporting
  • Consistently updated technology and improved business process productivity