SharePoint Document Management Solution

Bringing the data and documents together is just one part of an effective document management solution. Allied Consultants works with clients to design the right data taxonomies, customized search, and powerful records management. Our solution pack will allow you to maximize the inherent functions and abilities of SharePoint. It provides a flexible, structured and scalable document management solution to construction companies, media agencies, and sales/ marketing departments to take control of their document’s life cycle. This solution has the following features.

  • Sales Notifier: This feature alerts the users automatically about the publication of documents, making it available worldwide on their website
  • Mobile Accessibility: A tool that allows the end-users to access their shared documents irrespective of their location and devices they use.
  • Document Center: A repository where shared corporate documents are located and offer features such as Find Document by ID, Document Upload button, and Highest Rated Document
  • Version Manager: A tool that allows the user to protect their document by automatically creating a document copy with a configurable version number to recover original version when needed.
  • Document Set: This feature allows companies to group multiple documents, into a single entity, that support a single task or project.
  • Metadata and Navigation: A tool that accommodates metadata for all documents and enables the organizations to apply classification and seamless search of documents.
  • Offline Working: Allows the users to synchronize shared documents to their PCs, laptops and mobile devices to work offline and updates the changes made offline to document libraries .