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SharePoint Enterprise Search Solution

Allied Consultants Enterprise Search solution allows the pharmaceutical companies, financial services organizations, and security agencies to enjoy the cost benefits and simplicity of entry-level solutions combined with features set typically in high-end solutions. Rich outcomes are yielded by simple but powerful query syntax, including hit highlighting, content summaries, and Best Bets; assisting users to refine their queries through sorting and flexible navigation. Blank Flowchart - New Page
  • Database Connector: A tool that provides the implementer to fill in minimal details and triggers database indexing.
  • Management Portal: This feature provides a web-based platform to upload, maintain and share documents within the enterprise. The portal-collaboration with content management/ document management system integrates with Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) to secure documents, pages and sites
  • Real-time Actionable Interface: This feature integrates search into critical business apps. Programmatic access is enabled by Query Web service and object model.
  • Quick Extractor: This feature enables the user to find the answers quickly from internal memos, sales records, and financial reports
  • Security Trimmer: A tool that ensures compliance, protection, and privacy of intellectual property by restricting access for content to unauthorized users
  • Document Repository: An out-of-the-box tool for file sharing, SharePoint sites, web sites, notes databases and exchange server public folders.




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  • Improves productivity and reduces the search time by 15 to 30%
  • Increased Quote to Close ratio
  • Faster decision making with data extraction and analytics
  • Reduced cost and time of regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced ubiquitous communication