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SharePoint Team Collaboration Solution

Business success is becoming increasingly dependent on team collaboration as it increases task completion rate and reduces the time taken to accomplish tasks. Challenges faced by organizations for team collaboration includes: duplication of efforts, delayed task accomplishment, maintaining the momentum of the group, and lack of team interaction.

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Allied Consultants provides a hosted SharePoint Team Collaboration solution. With some powerful features such as virtual get together & meetings, and document management capabilities, the organizations are able to organize and collaborate on crucial project data. The Solution stack supports project and tasks organization and achieves visibility into emerging deliverables by use of Outlook and SharePoint Online.

  • Team Collaborator: This feature allows the document/ lists management and the team members are given access to important information from the browser. Risks, issues, and tasks are  managed without any additional tools or apps.  
  • Team Scheduler: A tool that syncs schedules to sites using built-in sync functions, allowing the user to share information about project schedule and receives updates about team member tasks.
  • Communication Center: A feature that supports electronic interaction  with other team members using instant-messaging within the work-space. Alerts are also sent to the members when information has changed.
  • Project Tracker: This feature allows the user to track and follow up on tasks using a tasks list and different list views. Information is distributed and centralized at one location for easier and immediate access.
  • Business Search Engine: This feature supports document organization, making it easy for employees to quickly find information. It allows the user to quickly access document users, conversations, announcements and more




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  • Increases employee goal & KPI achievement ratio
  • Increases employee capacity utilization rate (CUR)
  • Reduces project schedule & cost variance  
  • Less cost and/ or greater output from shorter and more effective process
  • Increased task completion rate
  • Reduced quoting mistakes and associated rework