SharePoint Web Portal Solution

The businesses are facing the challenge of aggregating all relevant information to a single location where the team members can have immediate access. Allied Consultants provide a compact solution to create web portals that collect information from different sources, directing it to one convenient center. Users and team members can access most relevant business documents & information and apps from a single central access point.

  • CRM Web Portal: A tool that provides secure portal access to all CRM data, including custom entities such as entity form, actions, lists and permissions.
  • In-built Content Manager: Built-in tool in CRM that publishes rich content to the web portal with integrated content management system
  • Site Mapper: This feature allows the user to structure their website to their design, with enhanced search ability embedded in the web portal
  • CRM Contact Portal: A tool that allows the user to manage customer accounts and activities in CRM, and extract preferences