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Virtual Reality solution in automobile industry

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Allied Consultants helps automobile manufacturers by creating "virtual" products to test design principles, safety and augmented reality features of cars. We help you to make virtual reality part of your product development process, industrial design workloads and training employees.


  • Immersive Tool Constructor: A VR-based modular solution for the end-to-end construction of machine tools. The machine elements are treated as elements of a modular system to help build tools using augmentation & virtual reality apps & effects.  
  • Immersive Test Drives: This feature provides a sneak-peak to the users to get an immersive feel and experience of the real drive using Google/Samsung Cardboard.
  • VR Visualizer: A standalone VR-based visualizer and configuration module developed to control a variety of immersive display units, with ease, flexibility, and efficiency.
  • VR Behavior Modeler: VR application used to model the behavior of cars in various road conditions, to test the safety features of the car and how they will perform in the event of accidents and crash.
  • Virtual Design Creator: A virtual design of the car that gives an enhanced idea of the car’s designs, creating more efficient and appropriate models reducing the overall prototyping & ideation costs. 




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