VR/ AR Solution in Digital Media

Allied Consultants Virtual Reality (VR) solution stack allows multimedia companies and film production houses to use their own hardware to offer visual (and sometimes audio) immersion via a wide-angle, head-mounted display that shows a stereo image in 3D. Sensors in the headset track the user’s movements and change the user’s view accordingly. A VR version of rain allows you to feel as if real water is dropping on your body. If you look up, you see a realistically rendered cloudy sky.


  • 360 Video Maker/ Viewer: The solution includes immersive videos that enable the users to engage in real life environments
  • 3D Scanner: The feature lets the user photograph and edit complete VR environments and create seamless images
  • 3D Modellers: With this feature the user can create realistic and interactive avatars and environments in Virtual Reality applications
  • VR Projection: VR Projection provides a process chain of visualization to the users. With this feature, the user is able to project on curved screens, even in real-time and creates a fully corrected image that stays constant even when projectors/ screens are moved
  • AR/ VR Media Player: The user can create 360 degree HD live streams and HD spherical video playbacks that are beyond the conventional photo/ video media
  • Blender 3D
  • 3D-printed camera rigs
  • HD Video cameras (captures 360)
  • Graphics Hardware
  • Interaction devices and software
  • Customized User Interfaces
  • CAD