Enterprise Application Integration

The Enterprise Application Integration solution connects systems together. It unlocks silos of data within the enterprise and enables the construction of a uniform, connected enterprise that breaks organizational, geographical and system boundaries.

Basic Features

Enterprise Service Bus(ESB)

The enterprise is visualized as a digital bus of messages flowing between systems, people, and departments. New systems are simply connected to the bus instead of systems independently. The enterprise service bus is a logical construct and is implemented either by adding to the network stack or to through store-and-forward, publish-subscribe mechanisms. These are analogous to modern highways that connect cities.

Service Oriented Architecture

Systems expose their functionality to the bus as Services. These are analogous services that departments of the business offer. For example, an HR system could expose a “User Onboarding” service. The service could in turn call other services (e.g. “Create system account”).

Business Process Management

Business processes are graphically implemented using these services. The solution offers visual designers that allow users to drag and drop functionality and services. These processes or orchestrations can then be deployed, scheduled, and monitored providing a real-time digital overview of activities in the organization

Centralized Administration For Distributed Systems

Since the proposed system federates services across geographical, system, and organizational boundaries, developing a consolidated view of everything that is going on is particularly challenging. The solution offers a centralized administration panel that tracks and reports the data passing through the messaging bus.

Cloud Integration

The solution can be hosted on-premise or on the cloud

Out of the Box Integration with Major systems

  • ERPs , xRMs: EPICOR, ADP Taxware, Dynamics, SAP, Sage X3, Oracle EBS, Sales force, SugarCRM, AccountMate, PeachTree, Quickbooks
  • IBM: DB2, Mainframe CICS, MQ Series
  • Cloud: Cortex, ADP, Elemica, LinkedIn, Facebook, ADP, Basware
  • Banking: MiSys Equation, TCS BANCS, BankTrade

Out of the Box Support for B2B Standards